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Facebook Marketplace Used to Sell Stolen Goods 01:53
Suspect arrested after attempting to sell stolen items through Facebook Marketplace 01:40
Chor Bazar || Market of Stolen Goods || Social 10:14
VIDEO: Owasso residents reportedly shocked to find stolen items on Facebook Marketplace 02:07
Two Men Charged With Selling Stolen Goods 00:29
Identity theft: How criminals use a low-interest credit card scam to steal from you (Marketplace) 21:15
Ebay selling stolen goods in plain site 03:48
Man tries selling stolen items on Facebook 01:27
Gun sellers use loophole on Facebook Marketplace 04:06
#5 Facebook Marketplace Used to Sell Stolen Goods 00:40
Woman finds stolen items for sale online 01:30
Beware when buying on Facebook 05:00

Beware when buying on Facebook...

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Woman falls victim to Facebook Marketplace scam 02:46
Stolen items surfacing on Facebook 01:55

Stolen items surfacing on Facebook...

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Facebook page helps people get their stolen items back 02:58
Facebook Marketplace Deal Turns Into Robbery 02:14
Facebook marketplace user robbed at gunpoint when meeting buyer 02:13
Victim recovers stolen possessions after finding custom-made sign on Facebook marketplace 01:30
Naples man accused of reselling stolen items 00:25
How to Prevent Flea Market Theft - Tips & Secrets 09:02
Man stole items from cars tried to sell them on Facebook 02:08
Facebook Marketplace Items Not Approved What To Do... 05:57
Stolen lawnmower may have led police to storage unit full of stolen items 01:33
Woman Defends Looting, Selling Stolen Goods On Facebook Live 02:43
Man lies about truck's accident history tries to sell on Facebook Marketplace 02:17